Grant for registration of TM

From 2021, for all small and medium-sized enterprises registered in the EU, there is an opportunity to receive a grant for trademark registration under the pan-European procedure. Under the terms of the grant, 75% of the funds spent to pay the administrative fee are returned to the enterprise.

01| How is the grant for TM calculated?

You are applying for registration.

You pay an administrative fee – 850 euros.

You receive 75% of the administration fee or 637 euros of compensation to the company’s account.

02| Who can receive a grant for registration of TM?

To receive a grant for registration of TM under the pan-European procedure, you must meet the following criteria:

be a small or medium enterprise (SME);

the SME must be registered in the EU;

have less than 250 employees;

have an annual turnover of up to 50 million euros and/or an annual balance sheet not exceeding 43 million euros.

03| Who is funding the project?

This initiative belongs to the “Small and Medium Business Support Fund”. And until December 2022, all clients of AU Officium who meet the SME criteria participate in this program.

04| How to get a grant for TM?

To receive a grant, it is enough to submit an application for registration of TM and pay for the service. Then our experts will do everything themselves. You will need to wait for the successful registration of the TM and the compensation of the funds spent.

On the side of your income

Trademark ™ is the basis of the brand.

A registered trademark is the basis for business according to European standards.

Registration of a trademark gives protection for 10 years from being used by others for enrichment purposes. Currently, it is you who decides: who can use your trademark and under what conditions?

Your brand is more than just a name, it’s an intellectual property that increases total revenue by up to 50%.

Mercedes, Breitling, Okko, Xiaomi, Adidas, Apple, Sturbucks, Pepsi are the history of successful brands. Your story may be among them.

It is important to remember that for success, you can register and protect not only the name, but also the shape, design, sound, movement, image, hologram.

Our specialists are practicing lawyers with a rich experience. They will help you correctly classify and protect your intellectual property in every way.

What do we offer?

✓ Communication protected by attorney-client privilege.

✓ Turnkey registration of a trademark under the pan-European procedure in the EU.

✓ Comprehensive service for only 1450 €.

✓ Reimbursement of 637 € under the Grant Program for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises).

813 €

the amount includes all fees and services for registration of one class of TM

Grant 75% of the administration fee?
Compensation 637 €
Protection of your brand in all EU countries
The certificate is valid for 10 years with the possibility of renewal
1450 €

the amount includes all fees and services for registration of one class of TM

Grant for a country outside the EU?
Compensation - none
Protection of your brand in all EU countries
The certificate is valid for 10 years with the possibility of renewal


  • only in 2022 more than 15,000 trademark applications were received in the EU countries and this trend to protect their intellectual property is growing;
  • among the applicants 1/4 of the owners are from the field of IT technologies and design;
  • 96% of applications came from micro-enterprises that received grants to pay for trademark registration services at the initiative of the Fund for Support of Small and Medium Businesses;
  • the initiative has been extended until December 2022;
  • fund funding increased by €10,000,000;
  • hurry up and get your grant now!


What type of trademark™ can I register?
  • Word mark
  • Figurative (graphic) mark
  • Figurative mark with elements of words
  • Shape mark
  • Shape mark including word elements
  • Position mark
  • Pattern mark
  • Single color mark
  • Multicolor mark
  • Sound mark
  • Movable mark
  • Multimedia mark
  • Holographic mark
What class to choose for a trademark?

A trademark can belong to one of 45 classes:

  1. Industrial chemicals.
  2. Paints, varnishes.
  3. Non-medicinal cosmetics and perfumes.
  4. Technical oils, lubricants, resins.
  5. Pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary drugs.
  6. Ordinary metals and their alloys.
  7. Machines, machine tools.
  8. Hand tools and implements.
  9. Scientific, measuring, optical, etc. devices.
  10. Surgical, medical, veterinary instruments.
  11. Apparatus for lighting, ventilation, drying, etc.
  12. Vehicles.
  13. Firearms, ammunition, fireworks.
  14. Precious metals and their alloys.
  15. Music tools.
  16. Paper and cardboard.
  17. Raw and semi-manufactured rubbers, gutta-percha, rubber.
  18. Handmade and artificial leather.
  19. Non-metallic building and construction materials.
  20. Furniture, mirrors, picture frames.
  21. Home and kitchen utensils.
  22. Cables, ropes, nets, tents, tarps.
  23. Yarns and threads for textile use.
  24. Fabrics and fabric substitutes.
  25. Clothes, shoes, hats.
  26. Lace, braid, embroidery, ribbons.
  27. Carpets, mats, linoleum.
  28. Games, toys, video game machines.
  29. Meat, fish, poultry.
  30. Coffee, tea, cocoa, rice, bread, ice cream, etc.
  31. Raw and unprocessed agricultural products.
  32. Beer, soft drinks, mineral waters and sodas.
  33. Alcoholic beverages other than beer.
  34. Tobacco and tobacco substitutes.
  35. Advertising; business management.
  36. Insurance, financial transactions.
  37. Construction, renovation, mining services.
  38. Telecommunication services.
  39. Transportation; packaging, storage of goods.
  40. Materials processing; recycling.
  41. Education, learning provision, entertainment services.
  42. Scientific and technological services and related research and development.
  43. Food and beverage services.
  44. Medical services; veterinary services.
  45. Legal services; personal and social services.

At first glance, defining a class for a TM may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry. Our experts will help you to correctly determine it for trademark registration in the EU.

What do you need to register a trademark™?

For successful registration of a trademark, including under the program for obtaining grants for additional funding, you must submit an application for registration and provide priority data:

  1. Name, surname of the applicant.
  2. Applicant status: natural person or legal entity.
  3. Type of trademark.
  4. The class of goods or services to which the trademark belongs.
  5. Contacts for feedback (email, phone).

After that, an instruction letter will be sent to the specified email address with the next steps to successfully complete the application.

You can also apply online via Telegram.

Who is preparing the documents?

The entire process, from the preparation of documents to the receipt of a trademark registration certificate, is accompanied by specialists from the Officium Law Firm. They provide full legal support for the entire process, minimizing the likelihood of failures or errors in the preparation and submission of a package of documents. With 10 years of experience in intellectual property protection, we can guarantee you a positive outcome.

How do I get a Trademark Grant™?

To receive a grant for co-financing the registration of a trademark in the EU, it is enough to leave an application for registration of a trademark, provide the necessary data and pay the amount of the service. Everything else will be done by our experts. No hassle or worry. You will be informed about the next steps and results before receiving a certificate of registration of TM and compensation for a registered trademark. Note! Grants have been extended until December 2022.

How much does trademark registration cost?

Registration of one class of trademark costs:

1450 € – full cost of the turnkey service.

Each client of AU Officium, who is the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise, participates in the grant program. The grant is awarded in the form of compensation from 637 € and is returned to the company’s account.

Note! Grants have been extended until December 2022.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

A trademark is registered from three months.

Can I be sure that my materials provided before the verification and registration of TM will not be transferred to third parties?

Cooperating with us, you become a client of the Officium Law Firm. All information provided is protected by attorney-client privilege and cannot be passed on to third parties.

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